About Us

Mikes classifieds is based in the U.S. and U.K. and the next generation of free and paid online classifieds ads. Every country in the world is represented on this website.

Mikes classifieds is an open forum where anyone can advertise to buy, sell, trade goods and services,  make announcements etc.

Mike recognized early on the importance of diversity and competition and in doing so, this site was created.

The site is global, interactive, mobile, and internet platform for connecting everyone worldwide and serves the entire world through a portfolio of industry leading services including classifieds, yellow pages business search, events and social media reviews and participation.

Mikes classifieds offers a variety of categories; real estate, selling, buying, trading options and more, available globally. Each advertisement, blog or comment can be translated so that anyone can browse and interpret it in their naive language. If you don’t have a website use mikes classifieds as your page, and forum for the world to see with minimal costs. When it comes to selling items on the net mike likes to say “someone’s trash is another’s treasure.” Post your ads today!